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The maind difference between Put-together-puzzles and the other puzzles described on this website is that the puzzles below will easily dall apart if you try to pick them up. For asssambling the puzzle you need to have a basis or even a box. Put together puzzle could be very difficult to solve. One of the fun things of the puzzles described below is, that they can serve as a basis for your own puzzle design.



16 Block Puzzle


3D Pentominos


Bedlam Cube


Balls Pyramid


Two is enough


Pin tower


Black Pyramid


Rhombic Pyramid


Soma Cube


Split Cube


Splitting Headache




Three Piece Block Puzzle Tiles and Tubes

Copyright Notice: The copyright on the puzzle designs lies with its designers. Mostly, anyone may make a sample for his or hers own private use. However, commercial use of these designs is prohibited or requires permission from its designer. In case of questions, please contact info@3dpuzzles.nl

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