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Ontwerp door Peter Query

This puzzle is made of  fourteen wooden balls. Glue the balls together according to the diagram shown below and make a box out of wood or plexiglass. The inner size of the box must be precisely 2,4 times as big as the diameter of one ball. When the puzzle is made, you can put the pieces in the box as shown in the picture. You see the overall amount of balls is now thirteen. But if you arrange the pieces in a different way, you can also put the fourteenth ball in the box. How is that possible?

When you make this puzzle you have to determine then position of the balls very precisely. The balls make an angle of 180, 120 or 90 with each other. If you make the box out of plexiglass the best you can do is calculate the precise dimensions of the plexiglass boards and have these boards sawn in a specialist shop. The box can be put together with superglue.

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