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The polyhedra pages are spilt into four main chapters. You can read the chapters simply by starting at the top, but you can of course also pick out the subjects you might like. If applicable the pages are linked to the puzzle section if this website. 

Note that I have tried to keep out all kind of mathematical formulas, so that anyone who is not familiar with mathematics can follow the text. People interested in the mathematical background of the polyhedra can find a lot of other stuff on the internet. Check out the link section for more information.


Introduction to polyhedra

This is the first chapter of this 'book' in this section is told what you can expect from these pages. Also some general terms and definitions related to polyhedra are captured in this chapter. Readers novice to polyhedra may start her to get some understanding (or just go to other pages viewing nice pictures.


Convex polyhedra

Convex polyhedra are polyhedra which are more or less spherical. Examples of these convex polyhedra are the Platonic solids, the Archimedic solids and Catalan solids. Also prisms, delta solids, pyramids and Johnson solids belong to the large family of convex polyhedra


Non-convex polyhedra

Non-convex polyhedra (or concave polyhedra) are polyhedra which are not spherical, but more or less star shaped. Examples of these non-convex polyhedra are the Kepler-Poinsot polyhedra, uniform polyhedra, stellations and compound polyhedra. 

Piling Up

A lot of puzzlescan be reduced to a collection of polyhedra which are ordered in some kind of fashion. This chapter is dealing with the possibility (or impossibility) of piling up polyhedra

This part of the website is still under construction. Subjects in gray are not yet accessible. Please return on a regular basis to see if there are new items added. 

Second Important note: In several occasions I have given my own interpretation on the subject of polyhedra which is sometimes different from the general accepted 'rules'. This because I feel that there are some gaps and inconsistencies within this subject. In case a text is based upon my own interpretations aor fantasies, than this text has been printed in italic. Please note that these texts are not general truth, but just the chimeras of the author, without any scientific or mathematical review. 

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