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The next puzzle was sold a few years ago in several toy shops. A cube has to be made by thirteen plastic pieces. The puzzle was sold with a plastic box in which the pieces fit. Making this puzzle by yourself isn't difficult, but finding the solution by hand is almost impossible

If you want to make this puzzle by yourself saw 64 cubes out of a wooden stick and glue the cubes together according to the diagram below. You can paint the pieces in cheerful colors so you don't get to depressed when you try to solve this puzzle

The solution of this puzzle is very hard to find. Simply putting the pieces together by trial and error won't give you the solution. This puzzle has been stored unsolved in my cabinet for years. Nowadays you have computers with more calculation power than a human brain and on the web you can find diverse computer programs which solve this kind of puzzles in a few seconds. An example of such an program is 'Puzzlesolver 3D', you can find this program on the website  www.puzzle.cx. This program found hundreds of solution of this puzzle within a few minutes. One of those solutions can be found on this website.


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