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Design by Bill Cutler

This puzzle is designed by Bill Cutler. The name of this puzzle is also a warning: don't complain about headache if you try to solve this game. Constructed, this puzzle looks like a cube made out of 27 little cubes: fourteen dark and thirteen light. Of you look at the pieces of this puzzle, you see that a part of the cubes are halves. Total you need eleven whole dark cubes, ten whole light cubes, six half dark cubes and six half light cubes. Putting the pieces together is really hard.

If you make this puzzle you need to copy the pieces below. When you make the half cubes, you must not saw a whole cube in two halves, because the saw cut will make the pieces to small. You better saw the half cubes out of a beam.

A tip for finding the solution: it is not necessary to form a hole cube by two halves. If you can't solve this puzzle you can look at the next page for the solution.


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