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The pieces in this group of puzzles are always places perpendicular to each other. 'Orhto' means 'straight', what explains a lot. Some puzzles look simple but could be treacherous difficult. Most of the puzzles described her are not hard to make by yourself with hand tools. Are you a novice in the field of three dimensional puzzles, than you can find her inspiration for a nice puzzle without any doubt. 



Altekruse Puzzle


Big Knot


Chinese Cross Puzzle


Chuck Puzzles


Clarissa Burr






Die in Prison


Esher Burr




Interlocking Cube


New-L Burr






Rattle Burr I


Rattle Burr II


Six Plate


Stacked Sticks


Suzan's Puzzle


Copyright Notice: The copyright on the puzzle designs lies with its designers. Mostly, anyone may make a sample for his or hers own private use. However, commercial use of these designs is prohibited or requires permission from its designer. In case of questions, please contact info@3dpuzzles.nl

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