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Diagonal burrs are construction puzzles in which the separate pieces are not perpendicular in relation to each other. In contrast with orthogonal puzzles are the notches not straight, but often slanted. This makes it more difficult to make these puzzles, but the result is most of the time very satisfactory. The puzzles look complex and ingeniously and are fun to play with.

Pentadeca Puzzle


Chestnut Puzzle


Cluster Burr


Diagonal Jigsaw








Magic Disk










Rhombic Cube


Rhombic Knot


Variations on the Rhombic Knot


Sirius B


Sirius Sol Wega Wooden Knot

Copyright Notice: The copyright on the puzzle designs lies with its designers. Mostly, anyone may make a sample for his or hers own private use. However, commercial use of these designs is prohibited or requires permission from its designer. In case of questions, please contact info@3dpuzzles.nl

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