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Design by Jost Hänny

Discon is made out of twelve discs and thirteen pins. The length of every pin is three times the thickness of the discs. The discs have one to six holes and one hole in the middle. The middle most hole is not necessary for this puzzle, but  is handy if you make a stand. You can then slide the discs over this stand.

The  aim of this puzzle will be clear: The discs has to be arrange on such a way every hole is filled with a pin. With trial and error you will find the solution without a doubt, because you there a 5247 possible ways to arrange the discs. You can make the puzzle more difficult to add some restrictions: It is forbidden to put two pins on each other. Now you can find 66 solutions in total. 

Making this puzzle is not difficult, but you have to drill the holes very precise. If you make the discs you can use a special drill to saw round plates, a so called 'seven hole drill'. The puzzle gets a nice appearance if you use a contrasting type of wood for the pins. In stead of round plates or discs you can use hexagons or hexagrams for this puzzle.


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