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Design by Peter Query

This puzzle is made out of plastic blocks. The blocks are derived from the puzzle Pyramix. This latter puzzle was produced several years ago, and is now quite common on flee markets or budget stores. Pyramix is a puzzle made out of ten tetrahedrons and four octahedrons which are connected with each other by a string. On the sides of the tetrahedrons and octahedrons are colored stickers are glued. The aim of the Pyramix puzzle is to make a pyramid in which al sides have the same color. The string makes this puzzle into a nasty dexterity game. If you take several of these Pyramix puzzles and remove the stickers on the sides you get a lot of blocks. With these blocks you can make a bigger pyramid. 

You can make a new puzzle by gluing tetrahedrons and octahedrons together. The amount of different puzzles you can make this way is endless. The seven pieces which are used for the Black Pyramid are shown below. In total you need ten octahedrons and 24 tetrahedrons for this puzzle. So you have to find at least three Pyramix puzzles for making the Black Pyramid. The solution is not easy to find.


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